Increasing Healthy food, Improving Soil Health, Reducing Farming Costs, Increasing Harvests, Creating Sustainable Communities, Better Land Use For Mitigating And Adapting To Climate Change, Transitioning Farmers To Better Farming Practices And Improving Rural Community Lives.
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Digitize My Farm Too, Digitize My Cooperative Owned Farm
Digitize Whole Farm

 Create digital Image of your whole farm land boundary. This boundary is the measurement of the land that you own or entitled to occupy as in the Title Deed or as in Permit To Occupy that is issued by your Tribal Authority.

Digitize My Fields

 Create the digital image of your Fields. A field is an area of land, enclosed or used for agricultural purposes such as cultivating crops or as a paddock or other enclosure for livestock. A field may also be an area left to lie fallow or as arable land. 


Weather Alerts

Full-fledged weather analytics at your fingertips Correlate weather with vegetation indices which are the tell-tale signs of how weather conditions influence the health of your crops. Daily and forecasts of wind, humidity, clouds, precipitation, and rainfall...

Field Activity

  Regenerative agriculture Activities aim at mitigating negative consequences of farming activities, including erosion, depletion, pest invasions, desertification, salinization, decarbonization, chemical contamination, among others..

Scout My Fields

 Detect issues that affect yield at an early stage Detecting issues at a later stage increases the risk of crop failure and yield losses. Fungus, Pests, Diseases Irrigation & Fertilization Issues Weeds Flooding & Drought

Onsite & Instant 

 Onsite, Instant soil sampling to the farming community allowing them to have the results they require to carry on with their farming services. We focus at providing Nitrogen, Phosphate, Soil Organic carbon, co2, Phosphorus, PH, soil moisture. 

Manage My fields remotely

  Monitor the state of your crops right from the office or home. Learn about the slightest changes on-the-spot, and make fast and reliable decisions on field treatment.

Livestock Activity Monitoring

We sample the pattern of behavior over a rolling 6-day period to determine a baseline, this is then expressed on a scale of 1 -7 with 1 meaning low activity and 7 meaning extremely high.

Crop & Plant health

  to increase yields and decrease environmental impact. Using low-cost, in-field methods, water level, soil quality, and presence of pathogens and pests could be constantly monitored..


 convert industrial side streams and recycled batteries into valuable circular economy products with a low carbon footprint..

Monitor Vegetation Growth

 growth of a plant or crop or vegetable between germination and flowering.

Methane Gases In Agriculture

 Agriculture is responsible for nearly a quarter of methane emissions. 

Monitor Fires

 Solving forestry problems from space Monitor forest health remotely Get notified about any changes and risks Manage all your forest stands in one place. Forest fire monitoring based on NASA FIRMS abnormally high temperature alert technology Deforestation satellite monitoring within forest stands

Know Your Soil Nutrients

 Macro And Micro Nutrient Needs For Your Farming Needs. Foliar fertilizer containing zinc, manganese and sulphur extracted from recycled alkaline batteries.. Monitor your N _ P _ K and other important nutrients.

Optimize Irrigation

 Optimization of water consumption in agriculture is necessary to preserve freshwater reserves and reduce the environment’s burden. Finding optimal irrigation and water resources for crops is necessary to increase the efficiency of water usage.

Soil Water Needs

 The crop water need mainly depends on: · the climate: in a sunny and hot climate crops need more water per day than in a cloudy and cool climate. EXAMPLE: maize and sugar cane will need more water than sorghum

Why Choose Us?
Quality Matters

represents market quality, edible quality, transport quality, table quality, nutritional quality, internal quality and appearance quality.Pre-­harvest factors viz. environmental factors such as temperature, relative humidity, water potential, light, cultural practices and pest management techniques determined the inherent quality of the produce.

Sustainable Communities

Sustainable Communities are environmentally sustainable in terms of cleanliness and efficiency, and are inclusive communities that are resilient to social, economic, and natural shocks. They are well-prepared for natural disasters.

Healthy Food

any natural food popularly believed to promote or sustain good health, as by containing vital nutrients, being grown without the use of pesticides, or having a low sodium or fat content.

Higher Harvest Yields

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We help farmers remotely assess the health of their crops, cut costs on scouting, soil testing, and farm management, and use seeds and fertilizers more efficiently. 
History of Agriculture

 Agriculture began independently in different parts of the globe, and included a diverse range of taxa. At least eleven separate regions of the Old and New World were involved as independent centers of origin. The development of agriculture about 12,000 years ago changed the way humans lived.

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Perspective Development

 The changing global landscape combined with new and better data, technologies, and understanding means that agriculture can and must contribute to a wider range of development outcomes than ever before, including reducing poverty, ensuring adequate nutrition, creating strong food value chains, improving environmental sustainability, and promoting gender equity and equality..

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Scientifically Agriculture

 Scientific agriculture is a broad multidisciplinary field of biology that encompasses the parts of exact, natural, economic and social sciences that are used in the practice and understanding of agriculture1. It includes the technologies of soil cultivation, crop cultivation and harvesting.

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